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Statement of Claim for Wages

Statement of Claim for Wages

  • Statement of Claim for Wages to report or recover missed or unpaid wages
  • Workplace Standards Complaint Form to report non-wage related workplace issues
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STATEMENTCLAIMWAGES - Statement of Claim For Wages 



  1. If you are complaining that you did not receive a final paycheck, you must physically report to the normal place you are paid and attempt to obtain payment yourself. Making phone calls and/or sending friends or relatives to obtain payment are not sufficient. If you do not attempt to obtain payment yourself, we will not investigate your claim.
  2. This Division has jurisdiction over wage issues and violation of Connecticut’s labor laws. We cannot assist you in obtaining payment for time not worked (holiday pay, severance pay, etc.), or for expenses, tax issues, or pension plan issues. We may be able to assist you in obtaining payment for unused fringe benefits such as vacation pay, but only upon separation of employment. Most of the laws enforced by this office are listed on our website. Unless a state stature has been violated, this office has No Jurisdiction.
  3. The following agencies may be able to assist you for employment-related problems:
    • Discrimination/Sexual Harassment……CT Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities
    • Pensions/COBRA Benefits………………….US Department of Labor, Employer Benefits Security Administration (617)565-9600

In submitting this form, I hereby attest to the following:

  • That this is a true statement of wages due me to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby assign all wages and all penalties accruing because of their non-payment, and all liens securing them to the Labor Commissioner of the State of Connecticut to collect in accordance with the law.
  • That I authorize the mailing at my own risk of any money paid on this claim.
  • That I authorize the Labor Commissioner or any person authorized by the Labor Commissioner to approve a proposed compromise adjustment or settlement of this claim, unless I object in writing within ten days after notification to me at the address given by me to the Labor Commissioner. I understand my claim may be reassigned back to me to pursue in small claims court or through a private attorney.
  • By submitting this form: I authorize the deduction of the cost of mailing any certified payments if collection of wages exceeds $15,000.


**If you want a copy of your claim, print it before submitting the form**